A major emphasis of the CEM program is in the area of discipleship.  A disciple is simply defined as one who is a “learner.” It is a term Jesus used often when He referred to those who were following Him. Out of a desire for each person to have fellowship with God and to experience abundant life, He told His followers to make disciples of all nations.

It is our conviction that most of the problems that plague us as individuals are fundamentally spiritual. In order to bring healing to the whole person, we place great emphasis on discipleship.

Each resident is discipled by a spiritually mature intern. The intern takes the student through a study of the basic truths in the Bible to develop a solid understanding of God, His great love, and His precious salvation for us. This study is non-denominational and concentrates on the central Christian beliefs. In addition to studying with the student, the intern lives with and continuously observes the life of the student and can come alongside him or her and provide guidance in character development, healthy social behavior, and practicing the attitudes of thankfulness and patience. We call this “life-on-life” discipleship.

There are few places in western society where discipleship like Jesus practiced with his followers can be experienced. We have become a highly fractured, individualized and isolated people. But here at CEM the family and community environment provides a powerful setting for spiritual development through the discipleship process.