The wilderness program at CEM is an integral part of our ministry

Our experienced leaders safely guide the students and interns in several different learning opportunities throughout the year. The focus of all our activities in the wilderness is Christ. We see each event as an opportunity for both students and interns to learn more about God and his creation, to learn about relationships and interactions with others, and to understand themselves more clearly. In the wilderness there are few distractions, and this sort of learning tends to come more quickly and reach a little deeper than it would in the same amount of time elsewhere. Therefore, these trips are an intensive part of our program, which we draw on throughout the year. Participation is mandatory. All equipment is supplied by CEM. Participants only need to supply basic clothing.


Summer Wilderness Trip

This adventure takes place at the end of the summer, just before the school year gets underway. We spend about two weeks backpacking in the Tahoe National Forest.


Igloo Trip

This is a 4-day backpacking trip in the winter. We learn how to build igloos and then sleep in them!


Ski Days

Once or twice a winter, we cross-country ski in the High Sierras. No prior experience necessary.

High Ropes Course

Usually in the summer, we test our limits on these elements strung high in the trees.

Other events are possible, depending on the calendar of any given year.